My Evolution: Or How I Changed From a Mouse To a Lion (Motivation & Self Help)

My Evolution: Or How I Changed From a Mouse To a Lion (Motivation & Self Help)

What happens when a man suddenly realizes that a scared mouse lives in his subconscious?

A magical story about a human who embarks on an evolutionary journey to become a lion

Gili Weintraub discovers to his astonishment that his subconscious is filled with animals that interfere with his efforts to pursue success in his life: a mouse who is afraid to take risks, a dog who is quick to obey any orders he receives, a snail who takes his time even when it is necessary to hurry, and a monkey who is sure he looks, well … just like a monkey!

Instead of becoming depressed, he embarks on a journey to upgrade those animals into new ones that will allow him to live a much more powerful and enabling life.

This book is going to make you roar!

It will inspire you, take you by the hand, and teach you some simple tools that anyone can use to grow and become a strong lion or lioness.

Original, funny, full of charming illustrations

The book is filled with more than 150 illustrations that provide a unique reading experience and enable us to grow with great pleasure.

A wonderful gift to ourselves and to the people we love.

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