Mindfulness For Dummies (Book + CD)

Mindfulness For Dummies (Book + CD)

Paperback. Pub Date: 07 Pages: 336 Publisher: John Wiley & Sons A cutting-edge Meditation therapy that uses self-control Techniques mindfulness has taken OFF across the globe as A way of overcoming negative thoughts and emotions and Achieving a calmer. more focused state of mind. Written by a professional mindfulness trainer. this practical guide covers the key self-control techniques designed to help you achieve a more focused and contented state of mind. while maximizing the health benefits of mindfulness-from reducing stress. anxiety. and high blood pressure to overcoming depression and low self-esteem and battling chronic pain and insomnia. * Includes self-control techniques (such as body posture. sitting practice and eathing exercises) and routines * Includes an audio CD featuring narrated meditations and exercises Introducing you to a new and powerful form of meditatio…

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