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Surprisingly the best health advice around seems to be Mother Nature Knows Best. As unusual as that seems in this modern, sophisticated world! Choose simplicity – previously wise women were able to access more natural and unadulterated super substances. These substances that are now becoming apparent, were far better for all round health and well being than the chemical and often toxic combinations pushed on us by Big Pharma. We are now putrefying under the ‘authority’ of Science. Large Petro-chemical companies are putting Toxic Hazards in our diets and telling us that its good for us. Aspartame and Fluoride are extremely dangerous to us, along with the many dangerous medications (that even have the side effect that are the very symptoms you want to be free of! )  Don’t be fooled by this sophistry. An evil One World Globalisation wants total domination – its for YOUR own good.
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I am a psychotherapist who is fed up with the doping system and the listen but don’t interfere approach to mental health. People go in and out of rational capability and providing people with the tools to improve and optimise their situation is more akin to a coaching paradigm than victim dis empowering counselling. Here we explore helpful videos and information on all aspects of person centred healing and empowerment.

I intend this site as a community resource that benefits from contributions from its members. I am preparing some short helpful courses on the personal development, empowerment and so if any therapist has a program or project that would work well online please contact this site. My specialisms are Stress Management, Detox,     but I’m interested in everything else


Follow this site at your own peril. As a adult, what you see and read here is at your own responsibility.  I certainly don’t advocate you stop taking any prescribed medication without a great deal of investigation and consultation with your medical practitioner. However there are may tools here that can benefit the motivated for better health.

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